I get the error "Trade is Disabled" !

The message ‘Trade is disabled’ can be seen due to one of the 4 reasons below:

  1. A user has attempted to trade on a weekend (Saturday, Sunday) or outside trading hours for a trading instrument. To check if this is the case, you can find the schedule for each trading instrument on our website in the ‘Range of Markets’ section.
  2. A user has attempted to place a trade during a period of low liquidity, especially for less-liquid pairs (exotic pairs). In such a case, the trading instrument could become unavailable for trading at any time during the day
  3. An issue on MetaTrader arises when a pair suddenly becomes inactive and one needs to click in the right-bottom corner of the terminal to switch between Datacenters and refresh the symbols
  4. When a user tries to perform an operation on an inactive account.

Official step-by-step guide: Getting Started with NightProfit

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